Three places to advertise your local group fitness classes

Do you teach Zumba fitness, cardio dance, aerobics, Nia, Stretch classes, Groove or any other type of dance-fitness class? Are you looking for additional ways to advertise and promote your fitness classes? Online listings in directories is a great way to promote your local classes because they are targeted specifically to users in your geographic area. Users typically visit the site for more information about an event they searched for, or were emailed about, and end up browsing for other events or classes in their area. You never know when someone could be browsing for classes and may become interested in what you are offering. And besides, most of the directories are free to list in, so you have nothing to lose.

Here are three of the most popular.  - Register for a free account and then you can “add event.” This site is great because it is focused on local events that users register to be notified about via email. - The ever-popular local classifieds site, popular because it works. Find your state and city/area and then post your classes in the Community/Classes” section. - A free classified site that you can post on for no cost. Choose your state first, and then you can post in the “Classes” section, or even community or servcies. Their listings frequently come up high in search results so I recommend listing here.

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